Our Mission

Our mission is to provide academic support and scholarships to students, empowering them to achieve their educational goals.

Our Organization

The Dixon Education Foundation awards scholarships to deserving students at schools across the country, helping them to finish their education and start successful careers. We are committed to providing opportunities to those that want to learn, improve, and succeed.

Lamar Dixon
Founder & CEO

Our Services

The Dixon Education Foundation is proud to serve members of our community by offering academic help, volunteering for educational events and programs and providing resources and assistance to those committed to their education.


Academic scholarships are awarded to students who have shown a passion for their education.
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We offer a mentoring program that instills a sense of integrity and provides the youth of our community with role models where one might be lacking. This includes trips to sporting events, museums and professional development seminars.

The Powerful New Book

Let Fear Go: A guide to help you embrace a FEARLESS mindset

As an Air Force Veteran, Lamar Dixon is dedicated to helping others face their biggest fears with confidence. In this guide he has taken his military background and mindset and applied them towards facing the everyday obstacles of life. He explains the steps needed to stomp out the flames of fear, and fuel your internal fire towards achieving your objectives. This isn't your typical Self-Help book; instead it's more of a beacon of self-empowerment. People are programmed to grasp on to anxiety and distress, but he has provided a companion to teach you how to reach out towards your dreams, and to Let Go of Fear...

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The Dixon Education Foundation

We would love to hear from you. Please feel free to use the form or contact us at info@thedixoneducationfoundation.org